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Written by
Giuseppe Gurrieri

10 Powerful Steps To The Most Effective Facebook Page SEO

Publisched on
July 14, 2021

With over 160,000,000 business pages on Facebook, getting new fans, likes, shares, and followers have become a challenge.

To get ahead, you will need to understand the most recent Facebook updates to use them to your advantage when you are learning how to Facebook pages SEO. Understanding how Facebook's News Feed uses AI is the first step. And to do this, you will need to understand your audience and their requirements. And with a steady stream of relevant content, you can deliver on these values. You can equally use social listening to get to know your audience and plan the content to get their attention.

Additionally, you should ensure your Facebook page is accessible via search engines to increase organic reach and visibility.

This article will share some actionable tips that will help you improve your Facebook search engine optimization.

Facebook Page SEO
  1. Choose your business name wisely
    In case you don't know, your name speaks volumes. This is why you should be cautious and selective when choosing the name of your Facebook Page. Unlike in the past, you can now change the name of your Facebook pages. Regardless, it is better to choose a befitting name that will help your brand stand out from the onset. SEO basics dictate that keywords must be used in all your content. This also means the chosen keywords should appear in your page title.

However, you will look spammy if you get too carried away with it. How will this affect your business? If you ever appear spammy, what it will do is decrease the level of engagement that you will receive on your posts. It will also affect your internal Facebook algorithms. No one likes to be a self-promotional attention seeker.

Using a set of special characters, incorrect capitalization, or weird spelling to identify yourself or your brand name is a mistake most people make, so make sure you avoid falling into such temptation. What you should do instead is to use quality and straightforward copy standards for your pages.

  1. Claim Your Vanity URL
    When you create a Facebook business page, you will receive a dynamic URL that is automatically generated. Your Facebook Page SEO will be significantly improved if you claim your "vanity" URL and customize it to your company's brand. The purpose of the branded URL is to be clear and concise. Your vanity URL will also help your brand improve its visibility and recognition. In other words, this means that your target audience will be able to find and contact you via search engines and Facebook quickly. A branded URL will sound more professional and present your company in an even better light.
  2. Strategy is crucial for optimizing your Facebook Page SEO
    If you fail to plan, that means you've planned to fail. Keywords are an essential part of the optimization process. This includes avoiding keyword stuffing and including keywords in these areas.
    About section
    Section on Description
    SEMRush is a keyword search engine that will help you find the most relevant keywords for your company. You also need to avoid choosing long-tail keywords in this process because they won't necessarily lead to too much traffic or top-10 Google ranking. By running a Facebook search, double-check the keywords you choose. If you have more prominent competitors than you, it is better to choose more specific and low-volume keywords.
  3. Utilize the power of your backlinks
    Backlinks are another essential element that you need to consider when optimizing your Facebook Page SEO optimization. Authority sources that link back to your content are a strong indicator of your content's value. Google values it when multiple trusted sources endorse the value and reputation of your website. Backlinks are detrimental to your brand reputation and ranking, so be cautious about them.

Two steps that will help your brand boost its visibility with backlinks include;
Use an influencer marketing platform to find influencers and connect with them, as this will boost your Facebook page's popularity and credibility and generate more high-quality traffic.
Embed some vital links to your blog posts on your Facebook page. This will promote your Facebook page whenever a relevant source links to it and people click on it.

  1. Polish your 'About' Tab
    Your 'About' tab is one place that everyone that visits your Facebook page will first go to. They do that because it is where they'll find all relevant information about your company. Most brands will fill in anything in this section because they want to have a complete profile, but this is one section that will make your visitors become fans or simply passer-by.

Mind you, you don't need to use too many words to describe how great your business is. The limit is 155 characters. But it's enough to tell prospects what your company is all about and how they can benefit from either following you or patronizing your business. Here, you can also choose to add a few keywords to enrich your about section, and you are good to go.

  1. Provide accurate contact information
    Most brands don't provide accurate contact information on their Facebook pages. For whatever reason they do this, you shouldn't join the bandwagon. Even if your business is online, it's still beneficial to have a consistent name, address, and phone number. Your business will be found in local searches by Google if it has an address.
    The following tips should be noted because they will improve this section.
    Consistency is key to your overall rankings.
    Be SEO-savvy and regularly update your name, address, and phone number (NAP), across all your channels and directories.
    Keep in mind that your prospects use directories and citations to find your business information.
    Never complicate information on your business hours or address as it could frustrate your target audience and lead to poor user experience.
    To improve your Facebook page's SEO, ensure you have the same contact information from all sources. Also, keep them updated in a timely fashion.
  2. Create customized tabs
    There are many tabs on Facebook that you can use, including videos, Events, and About. The number of tabs available to you increases as you customize your page with content.
    But it would be best if you were cautious about creating too many of these tabs as it can make it difficult for your visitors to find both your posts and your videos.
    You can make it easier for users to navigate through your pages by creating new tabs like Videos, Photos, Reviews, and Community. To decongest your Facebook pages, you can also delete tabs that are no longer relevant to your business. It will also help them find relevant information quickly through search engines and Facebook.
  3. Share the right content at the right time.
    Timing is everything! It is difficult to emphasize how important, relevant content is for promoting your business or generating leads. We're not talking about content that is just written to meet your weekly posting limit. No! far from it. We refer to only high-quality content, creative content that will encourage your followers to share, like, and comment.

Another thing that you need to note is ensuring that your Facebook content strategy is optimized using the most effective techniques. Again, you should publish educational, entertaining, and helpful content to your audience. the Chances are that they will screenshot, save or share it with their friends and followers. This will improve your visibility and encourage others to follow your page. It is also essential to know when Facebook posts are most effective.

Fundamental Facebook SEO strategies focus on the first 18 characters, as Google will use them to create meta descriptions. Although it may seem challenging to remember SEO when writing Facebook posts, we assure you that it is well worth the effort!

To increase the level of engagement that you will receive on your posts, try to include relevant keywords in your post descriptions to make your content more valuable.

  1. Compel your followers to take action
    Encouraging your followers and prospects to take action is why your business page was created in the first instance. It is vital to clearly and prominently use a call to action (CTAs) in your content so that your audience understands what you are asking them to do. If you desire to improve your search engine rankings, your primary focus should be to drive valuable traffic to your pages from Facebook.

The following steps will compel your followers to take action
Use action words such as subscribe, download and sign up, book, play video or learn more.
Instead of focusing on product features, focus on the benefits of your offer.
Mention the most significant problems of your audience and suggest that clicking on the CTA will solve these issues.

  1. Chatbots for AI Facebook Messenger can help engage your audience
    Go the extra mile by using AI Facebook Messenger chatbots to communicate with your audience on an individual level.

Chatbots are an excellent way for businesses (both new and old) to enhance customer experience by increasing engagement rates, decreasing agent workload, and automating the CX journey.

Besides providing your target audience with relevant and first-hand information concerning your brand, products, and services, you can use chatbots to provide customer support for your prospects, improving their experience with your brand.

If you had any trouble knowing how to rank your Facebook page and increase organic visibility before now, we hope this guide has provided the answers you seek. We will also like to use this medium to encourage you to give Facebook Page SEO optimization a try with the strategies that we have listed above.
Thanks for reading!

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