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LinkedIn SEO: How to Organically Grow Your Brand Followers

Publisched on
July 26, 2021

Business owners have often wondered how to generate the right kind of engagement to push their brand forward.
The first thing you should consider is that your brand will need to be consistent with its posting or publishing over the long haul to connect with your target audience.
Another thing you will need to know is that it won't be an overnight success. It will require patience and a burning desire. In the end, your efforts will pay off big and drive many years of ROI for your business. Never be among other brands that leave such big stakes to chance.
This guide will share LinkedIn SEO that will help you build a strong and effective organic social presence. Are you ready? Let's go

Step 1

  • Set your brand engagement targets
    Can a house be built on a foundation without a plan? If you want to build a brand that will stand the test of time, then you need to develop a content roadmap that will guide you each step of the way. But before you will able to figure out the right content that will put your brand in good light, you will need first to understand what you want you will like to achieve with your LinkedIn page. Here, you will need to set an engagement goal and then closely monitor your progress over time using your LinkedIn analytics page. If you would like your LinkedIn members to engage with your posts, you will need to provide valuable content that is helpful and inspiring. Try considering what would matter the most to your target audience.
    Other things that you will need to include are as follows;
    Post consistently
    If you like to get the right amount of engagement on your LinkedIn profile, then you will need to post meaningful and engaging content at least once a day. Posts made in the morning usually get lots of engagement compared to others, but what works for one might not work for all. Try switching up when you post to discover when you have the highest engagement and then be consistent with it.
brand followers

Use Eye-Catching Formats
Instead of just posting text-only updates on your Page, try to include videos so that your Page can stand out. It will also make it appear more dynamic rather than static. You can equally post native videos that have captions on your LinkedIn page. It will help you grab and retain the attention of your target audience. Research shows LinkedIn members are twenty times more likely to share video content than other posts. If you like to create professional videos for your brand, you can try the additional tips.
You will need to get the right tools such as a video camera, good lighting equipment, microphone, tripod stand, etc.
You will also need to create a video or videos that centre around your brand's ambition.
Try to keep your videos short
Add a call to action at the end of each video

Mix your brand content
This is where you need to introduce the 4-1-1 rule of thumb for content shares. This rule states that you also share an update from another source for every content asset you will share concerning your brand and four more content published by other LinkedIn users. The aim of using this 4-1-1 rule is that it will keep your feed focused on the needs of your target audience instead of making it solely about your organization.

It's quite understandable that you want to keep your target audience engaged with fresh content every day, but this is not an easy task at the beginning of your journey, and no rule says all the content on your brand page must be yours. So, to remain consistent while sharing your content initially, you can share other helpful posts by other members until you're fit enough to produce your fresh content.
When you get a strong foothold on LinkedIn, you can then share the repurposed infographics, videos, links to events, eBooks, blog posts, and webinars. Endeavour to re-share some of your posts that perform well again for people who missed it to see it again.

Respond to the comments that you will receive
Respect the social part of social media by giving your community of friends or connections the chance to interact with you. It will serve your brand a great deal. Try to share posts that ask your audience a critical question and then respond to those questions. Also, try to be as friendly as possible while addressing the questions. It will encourage others to want to build a rapport with you. Try to create opportunities that will let your brand cut across as personable and receptive.

Utilize the essence of Hashtags
Interestingly, hashtags are one of the most used features by users on virtually all social media platforms. The reason is that these hashtags assist people in finding topics that relate directly to their niche or area of interest. With the aid of these hashtags, people also can see what their close competitors are doing. They have also helped members of different groups discover and partake in relevant trending conversations.

Step 2

  • Grow Your Audience
    Now that we have shared some tips in step 1 of finding some of your target audience, it's time to grab and retain their attention.
    Some of the ways to draw and retain the attention of your target audience are by doing the following;
    Cater the pain points of your target audience
    We only make money by catering to people's needs. Think about it! Without solving someone's problem with your services, you won't get paid. And that's another way of saying it. If you want to make money, you have to learn to cater to other people's needs.
    Discover what their pain points are by asking the necessary questions. Try also to find out what their business needs are, and then step back and watch your level of engagement increase tremendously. You will discover that those engagements will translate into connecting with a larger audience in the long run.
    LinkedIn's page Analytics will help you easily see the professional characteristics of your followers and profile guests. You will get to see other vital information like their titles on and off work, their roles in their organization, industries, geographies, and many more. Discovering your target audience's area of interest, you can further keep them engaged.
    Ask for support from your customers and brand advocates
    If you already have followers or friends who are crazy about your brand, brief them on how it matters to grow your following to help you share some of your posts with their followers. This will give your Page a massive boost.

Step 3

  • Your brand should launch a Follower Ad campaign
    If you haven't realized it, follower Ads are an incredible way to send personalized messages and calls to action through your brand. Not only will it help your brand stand out, but it will also help your target audience see the need to build a rapport with your business. Follower Ad campaigns will help you gain relevant followers that will strengthen your social presence.

Step 4

  • Adopt an advocacy program for your employee
    For your team members to share content and genuinely promote your Page on LinkedIn, you can use employee advocacy tools such as LinkedIn Elevate.

Step 5

  • Observe the pages of your competitors
    You will only win over your competitors when you learn to outsmart them in all ramifications. One aspect of digital marketing that some people find dark is competitor analysis. But smart marketers know they are not breaking any rules by using the competitor analysis technique. Analyzing your competitor's Page will help you know ways to position your brand so that it will stand out from the crowd.

Step 6

  • Share job offers on your Page
    Even though some people don't believe that LinkedIn is a reliable source to secure a job, others solely depend on LinkedIn as a way out. This set of individuals are always on the lookout for such opportunities. Sharing such openings with your members will open many doors to a new audience.

Use these well-researched tips to open new doors for a new audience to flow in. these tips are guaranteed to increase the follower count for your profile and have the level of engagement breaking new records times without number. They are also a safe path to plug your business into the competitive world of business and survive. Regardless of the level of followership that your business has, these tips will essentially move it forward.



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