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5 tips for building customer trust during the supply chain crisis

The supply chain crisis continues, partly caused by COVID-19, partly exacerbated by war in Europe, and beyond the capacity of marketers to solve. The Brooks Group is a sales management, training and consulting firm. “We work with sales organizations, primarily B2B, to help them equip their teams with effective processes and the right sales skills,” […]

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Katy Lindemann on CX transformation: employees are central characters, not supporting cast

Katy Lindemann, Principal Consultant, Grey Consulting, speaking at Econsultancy Live: CX 2022 last month. Image: ASV Photography We often hear about companies investing in CX transformation. But post-investment, what are the factors that actually make or break transformation? After all, research suggests that only 30% of big digital transformation projects typically achieve their target objectives […]

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WordPress Vs. Wix - Website Builder Comparison

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. WordPress outshines Wix by allowing users to create sophisticated websites and customize them to their liking. Wix doesn’t have as much design freedom as WordPress, but it is going to be way easier for […]

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Three Ways (and Tools) to Improve The User Experience of Your Content

Content is a key element of just about any page. No wonder it can make or break the user experience your site provides. Have you ever thought about your content strategy in the context of user experience? Is your content user-friendly and accessible? Here are three ways (and three tools) to improve the user experience […]

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How To Win Content Friends (and Keep Their Ideas Pouring In)

We’ve all been there. You attend a retreat designed to prompt innovative ideas. You participate in a focus group. Or perhaps you met with a consultant or internal strategist. Maybe you joined a brainstorming session in your department. The gathering concludes with hope. People are inspired. Action plans or next steps may be discussed. And […]

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GrubHub’s ‘free lunch’ promotion in NYC goes awry, Netflix’s latest layoffs thwarts DE&I progress and consumer preferences for companies to address Buffalo shooting

Hello, communicators: Your favorite female U.S. soccer players are finally being paid fairly! The U.S. Soccer Federation announced this week it will pay its men’s and women’s teams equally. The agreement was touted on Twitter: In a historic accomplishment, U.S. Soccer, @USMNT and @USWNT have come together to agree to new collective bargaining agreements that […]

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Why we care about video advertising

Video has become an effective revenue generator for brands, especially on social platforms. In fact, digital video ad spending in the U.S. is up 50.8% compared to last year, with total revenues of $39.5 billion. Twitter receives over 2 billion video views every day, and 91% of active users watch videos on Instagram weekly. Clearly, […]

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9 Ways to Design Inclusive Content

The author's views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Inclusivity is an important consideration for every business owner and content creator, and should be at the heart of your ongoing design efforts — not something you look at after a […]

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Siegel+Gale's Ben Osborne on what it means to be a consumer-led brand today

How can brands connect with consumers today in the face of rising living costs? I spoke with Ben Osborne, Director of Insights at Siegel+Gale EMEA, to hear his thoughts on what it means to be a consumer-led brand, and the strategies that brands will be working on in the coming months. Image: Ben Osborne How […]

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How to Make a Website in 6 Easy Steps

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. Making a website has gotten much, much easier over the years. It’s cheaper, faster, and more straightforward than ever before. But what do you really need to build a website? A stable internet connection […]

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