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What 7 Research Studies Tell Us About Content Marketing in 2022

Ready for some research gems that you can keep in mind this year as you analyze your content marketing strategy?  Here at Ascend2, my team and I get to conduct rich research projects that dive into the variety of topics marketers like you want to know most about. For instance, this year alone, we have […]

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Employee-Generated Content: Tips To Inspire Interest

There never seems to be enough resources to execute all your killer content marketing ideas, does there? No matter how large and prolific your team of creators, how efficient your creative processes are, or how ample your outsourcing budget is, too many great content ideas are left on the drawing board. Meanwhile, you’ve got an […]

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Starbucks covers travel for abortion, gender-affirming care, Ryanair CEO lets loose on Boeing and Americans want companies to take a stance on abortion rights

Hello, communicators: Feeling sexy? Airbnb’s newest promotion will allow three lucky customers to stay overnight in one of the most alluring places in the world: Paris’ Moulin Rouge dance hall. (Image via) Airbnb’s press release about the promotion includes photos of the performance space as well as the inside of the iconic red windmill, where […]

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Marriott launches its own media retail network

Marriott International is launching a retail media network to give advertisers access to the hotel chain’s guests. Ad buyers will be able to use anonymized data to target customers using the company’s app, websites and, eventually, guestroom TVs. These retail media networks are growing in popularity with both advertisers in need of more data and […]

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Case Study: How the Cookie Monster Ate 22% of Our Visibility

The author's views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Last year, the team at Homeday — one of the leading property tech companies in Germany — made the decision to migrate to a new content management system (CMS). The goals […]

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Measuring influencer marketing programmes | Econsultancy

Being able to link influencer marketing to revenue and sales is ‘the golden ticket’, as Christina Westley, Head of Influencer Marketing at PepsiCo Content Studio puts it. Having the ability to measure against all meaningful objectives is critical to ensuring longevity for this sector of marketing. While some of the experts interviewed for Econsultancy's Influencer […]

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10 Best E-commerce Email Marketing Strategies You Should Start Using Now

There are plenty of e-commerce marketing channels available to grow your business, such as social media, PPC, SEO, and network marketing. Successful e-commerce business owners, though, know that email marketing is one of the most profitable channels available. Let’s take a look at “what is e-commerce email marketing?” and why e-commerce businesses should use it. […]

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4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business

Updated May 16, 2022 Have you ever heard a sales leader or business exec disparage content marketing or wonder about its business value? They believe the myth that content marketing is some nebulous, feel-good, unmeasured thing that gets told too often. Several industry experts mentioned it when we asked about the most irritating content marketing […]

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Abraham Lincoln’s humor, empathy offer comms lessons for divisive times

There have been about 16,000 books written about Abraham Lincoln and his legacy. Among them, CNN political analyst and anchor John Avlon’s new book, “Lincoln and the Fight for Peace,” may be the first focus on how Lincoln’s skills as a writer, orator and communicator helped shape his plan to move forward after wartime. During a conversation […]

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Why we care about mobile marketing: A guide for marketers

Mobile marketing allows marketers to meet their customers where they are, which today is the default. The advent of mobile technologies like 5G is also allowing marketers to deliver, or conceive of experiences, that augment the experience. Mobile is a key component of cross-channel campaigns (TV, OOH, Print). Mobile also offers the possibility of precision […]

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